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Please phone to book an appointment. Evenings and weekends can be made available upon request.

End-of-life planning allows you to:

  • Control funeral costs – and even lock them in at today’s rates (the lowest they will ever be)
  • Ensure that your wishes are carried out exactly as you want
  • Eliminate the unexpected financial burden most executors face when settling an estate
  • Accelerate the settling of your estate
  • Reduce future probate costs
  • Give your family the time and space to grieve your passing


Serenity End of Life Planning offers a full scope of services to ensure your survivors, executors and heirs are cared for; your estate is protected – and you enjoy full peace of mind.


Bobby Judge
Preplanning Manager

Garry Howdle
President and General Manager

JM Palahniuk

JM Palahniuk
Preplanning & Estate Counselor

Judy Hilsden
Preplanning & Estate Counselor

Ken Papirny
Manager of Corporate Development

Marian Thompson
Office Coordinator for Preplanning

Sam Mann
Preplanning & Estate Counselor

Our expert team helps you move your preplanning from discussions, ideas and a few jotted notes about what type of funeral you want … into a formalized, written plan that:

  • Spells out exactly how you want your funeral arrangements to be handled; disposition decision, ceremony details and more
  • Locks in your funeral expenses at today’s rates – the lowest they will ever be
  • Guarantees that the financial investment you make into a prepaid funeral is 100 percent protected – securely held in your name
  • Spells out exactly how your executor will be assisted
  • Offers peace of mind to you and your heirs