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Rest In Peace Everyday

With an end of life plan in place you can rest in peace everyday

Time and time again I hear this same sentiment when leaving an appointment with those I meet with to complete their end of life plans: “I have peace of mind.”

Arriving at that same realization isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Guidance is only a phone call away.

Throughout my career in the funeral service profession I have been fortunate to meet with people who share their stories about the bridges they had to cross on their way to meeting with me to coordinate their final plans.

It seems that most people struggle to sit down with their family to discuss exactly how they would like to be memorialized after they die.

Tempting the fates?

Although many of the individuals I meet with have toyed with the idea of preplanning, some for many years – others for only a few months; they just hadn’t taken the steps needed to start the process rolling.

Could it be the belief that by entertaining the idea of planning for their own death – it may be “tempting the fates”? Yet others don’t want to upset their families and avoid that awkward conversation, or simply close their eyes and evade having to look ahead at their own mortality.

The reasons are wide and varied; at the end of the day, we are all going to die

Although the “when” is an unknown; having the decisions and instructions documented, everything paid for and securely kept on file at the funeral home is one huge burden taken off of your family.

My meeting with people to discuss and complete their end of life planning really is an easy and pain free process.

What you will experience at our planning consultation

  • Discussions you’ve had with your immediate family regarding your final wishes
  • In the event of your passing, what are your wishes and what are the needs of your spouse, children or immediate family in terms of memorializing your life
  • Sharing and explaining what our end of life planning process is; the benefits and simple steps toward having a completed plan
  • Learning of burial and cremation options available today
  • Discovery of ceremony and memorialization options that are meaningful to you
  • Answering all of your questions and clarifying any concerns or uncertainties. We work with the facts

    No longer a need to fret about it

    A plan specific to the decisions you make is then coordinated including the total current cost and your payment options. Completing the documentation is the final step. A simple process without any pressure.

    Voila! It has been taken care of and you no longer need to fret and stew about it. I’ve had more than one person tell me they no longer had to lay in bed at night worrying!

    So if this sounds all too familiar, maybe it’s worth looking into.

    Not only will a prepaid plan remove the burden from your survivors; you’ll rest in peace everyday, knowing that it’s taken care of.