Funeral Pre-Planning

Save your family from difficult decisions

Serenity’s End of Life Planning program can help walk you through the steps involved with pre-planning your own funeral for the protection of your survivors, beneficiaries and estate.

Let Serenity’s funeral directors and consultants guide you through the entire funeral planning process and help you create a ceremony that not only meets your needs, but the needs of your family.

Avoid Burdening Your Family with Stress, Extra Work and Unexpected Expenses.

Imagine what funeral pre-planning could do for you today and for your survivors years from now. We hear it all the time – nobody really wants to leave their family or their executors faced with a mountain of hardships, but that’s exactly what you’ll do if you don’t have your end of life plans securely in place.

When a death occurs, more than 70 pieces of information, details and irreversible decisions must be made.

Funeral pre-planning allows you to:

• control funeral costs – and even lock them in at today’s rates (the lowest they will ever be)
• ensure that your wishes are carried out exactly as you want
• eliminate the unexpected financial burden most executors face when settling an estate
• accelerate the settling of your estate
• reduce future probate costs
• give your family the time and space to grieve your passing

End-of-Life Planning goes beyond the funeral. For most people (and even most funeral homes), “preplanning” starts and stops at prepaid funeral expenses, but there’s a lot more involved to a complete end-of-life plan. Serenity End of Life Planning offers a full scope of services to ensure your survivors, executors and heirs are cared for; your estate is protected – and you enjoy full peace of mind.

Prepaid funeral plans:

Our expert team helps you move your preplanning from discussions, ideas and a few jotted notes about what type of funeral you want, into a formalized, written plan that:

• spells out exactly how you want your funeral arrangements to be handled; disposition decision, ceremony details, burial or cremation and more
• guarantees that the financial investment you make into a prepaid funeral is 100 percent protected – securely held in your name
• spells out exactly how your executor will be assisted
• offers peace of mind to you and your heirs

Our guiding approach is knowledgeable and cooperative

We work with you to establish a clear understanding of the necessary steps that will protect your survivors from costly future hardships. Our goal is to ensure that you are informed and content with your completed plan.

A plan specific to you

Like you, each funeral plan is unique; you’ll decide what your completed plan should be. Our guiding approach sets the foundation that provides answers, options and solution.

Planning begins with you and us

What are you trying to achieve? What are your initial concerns? Discussions with you are necessary to establish where you are in the planning process and where you want to be. A discussion is the first step to reaching an end result.

Planning your own funeral with our expert advice and guided assistance is simple and can save your family from making difficult decisions regarding what you would have wanted. If you’re worried about something happening while travelling, we also offer a Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan.  Contact our Funeral Pre Planning Centre in Edmonton to get started, or take our pre planning test to see how prepared you are.