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Not your Grandmother’s Funeral

For all the Gen X’ers out there; if you are reading this, you are about to see that it’s just “not your Grandmother’s Funeral” anymore. In fact, if I may speculate, it is because of all your Grandmother’s funerals that you likely think you want something exactly the opposite, that the word funeral does not resonate with how you envision being remembered by your family, friends and peers.

Something old, Something New, Something borrowed, Something Blue

Don’t mistake this blog as stating that everyone needs to do away with traditions because that is not the case or point being made here. There is something to be said for the variety of traditions that occur in each of the different cultures and families and the important role that they play in a funeral.

Ugghhh, funeral

There’s that word again. Studies have found that beginning with Generation X’ers all the way to our newest Generations, the term “funeral”  is dying (okay, bad pun). The preferred terms all have significantly improved the positive response and experience amongst those involved. These terms include-but aren’t limited to; celebration of life, ceremony, honoring the life, service, and memorialization. By first beginning with different terminology, we are already one step closer to accomplishing the type of service that your Grandmother never had.

So what does that mean?

It means that whether you want jokes and laughter, a simple toast, or a stage displaying your guitars where you are honored while your favourite songs play in the background; it is about what you would want- breaking all conventional notions of what you must or mustn’t do at a service.

If you find yourself reading this and think, they have got it all wrong- I want exactly what my Grandmother had, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that and we are happy to help honor these traditions. But if you are reading this and thinking, they hit the nail on the head with that one- ask yourself how would you like to be remembered? What will your Grandchildren say….

Just like my Grandma’s Funeral”