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Who is LEGALLY in control when someone dies?

This is the legislated “Line of Authority” in Alberta:

  1. The personal representative designated in the will of the deceased
  2. The spouse or adult interdependent partner of the deceased if the spouse or adult interdependent partner was living with the deceased at the time of death
  3. An adult child of the deceased
  4. A parent of the deceased
  5. A guardian of the deceased under the Dependent Adults Act or, if the deceased is a minor, in the Child Welfare Act or the Domestic Relations Act
  6. An adult grandchild of the deceased
  7. An adult brother or sister of the deceased
  8. An adult nephew or niece of the deceased
  9. An adult next-of-kin of the deceased determined on the basis provided by sections 8 and 9 of the Intestate Succession Act
  10. The Public Trustee
  11. An adult person having some relationship with the deceased not based on blood ties or affinity
  12. The Minister of Human Resources and Employment