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5 Important Elements to Consider When Funeral Planning

As with many people in Edmonton, it can be extremely difficult to organize your thoughts when planning funeral services for a loved one. You are in the midst of raw emotions, grief and sadness. But whether it’s a celebration of life or a traditional funeral, the service plays an important role in honoring your loved one. It helps you and your family –as well as friends and acquaintances of the deceased– begin the healing process associated with losing someone deeply cared for.

When planning funeral arrangements in Edmonton, consider the following elements.

  1. Deciding on eulogy speakers. Eulogies are best performed by those closest to the deceased. Although it may be difficult for those people to get up and speak, their heartfelt words and emotions will connect with all those who hear them.
  2. Allowing others to be involved. Each person who knew the deceased brings a unique perspective to the service. By giving family and friends of all ages an opportunity to share a memory, recite a poem or say something meaningful, the impact of the service deepens and helps others say their goodbyes.
  3. Selecting the Music. Your loved one may have asked for certain songs or hymns to be played if they pre-planned their funeral. Or it may be up to you to decide. Bare in mind that music plays a key role in the expression of feelings and sets the overall mood. Music can be played in the background to bridge silences. It can also be interspaced between eulogies and sharing of memories. Consider playing some of your loved one’s favorite songs.
  4. Choosing the setting. Funerals can take place just about anywhere, such as a traditional funeral home, synagogue or meeting hall. Or the deceased’s favourite place such as a beach, public garden or another meaningful place. When you’ve decided where the funeral service will take place, it’s nice to display photographs of the deceased throughout their years, their favorite books or musical instruments and other personal items. Anything that speaks to their life, legacy and personality.
  5. Having a separate gathering. Sometimes funerals can seem formal and antiquated. By inviting friends and family to an open house afterward it provides a more comfortable setting for family and friends to hug, cry and connect. It also gives your loved one’s greater community a chance to pay their respects to the family. Consider having food, coffee/tea and beverages available.

If you need assistance planning your loved one’s final farewell, Serenity Funeral Services is here to guide you. We’ve been helping families plan funeral arrangements in the Edmonton area since 1999. We have several locations to serve you. Call now to speak to one of our Funeral Directors or to book an appointment.