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Fossil Fuels

Fossil Fuels, Going Green, Mushroom Suits? What does it all mean for the Funeral Profession?

David Suzuki- this one’s for you.

Majority of the people who are going to read this blog have heard of two methods of disposition (dealing with a deceased’s body). One, to bury and two, to cremate. Where things begin to get interesting is listing some of the newer methods in the name of “going green” which many of us haven’t yet heard of (many are still at the idea stage and have not yet been passed by the appropriate legislative bodies to actually be put into practice).

The Mushrooms

I always enjoy talking to people about a “Ted Talks” I watched in the last few months regarding one woman’s idea to create a mushroom suit, yes a full body suit lined with mushrooms, that have been trained to decompose your body and convert toxins into clean air. There are some large foreseeable problems with the aforementioned mushroom suit, however, I like talking to people about it because it just goes to show that even the far out ideas do spark good conversation.

Good Conversation

The thing is, I am not writing this to try and tell you one way or another what method of disposition is the best because as I have learned from the lady training mushrooms- to each their own. But I have found that in talking about the mushroom suit, funeral homes trying to “go greener” and new methods of “flameless” cremation, is that a lot of people believe what they have been told by someone whom they can’t remember and believe it to be one hundred percent factual.

100% Factual?

I once heard that people commonly believe that the cemeteries are all maxed out and we are running out of land to bury people who wish to be buried. False, cemeteries do have capacities but like every other business they grow, and develop in new areas. I have even read articles where people have claimed that it is SELFISH to request to be buried, to take up space on this earth when you are gone. Selfish? That seems a little bit extreme. Many surviving friends and family of those who are buried in a cemetery often visit their loved ones plot to remember, to visit, to grieve and it provides a place.

The real facts are that no matter the method of disposition there are pros and cons to each of them and their impact on our environment. So before you decide to grow a batch of carnivorous mushrooms, ask yourself am I getting my information from a reliable source? Is that source unbiased or does their views on what may be their area of expertise taint their views on areas where they may not be an expert? If you still aren’t sure, start the conversation amongst your friends and family and don’t be shy to call a funeral service provider to get the information necessary to make your decision.