Peace is a state of mind! Take the quick test below to see how prepared you are for your funeral.

How prepared are you?

You are researching federal benefits available upon death; what is the most important thing to know about the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Death Benefit?
You’re prearranging your funeral expenses; what is most important to know about prearranged funeral expenses?
You want to ensure that your end of life plan includes protection from burdens and costly expenses; what approach is the most effective way to accomplish this?
You were told that funding your prearrangement plan is a wise choice; what important facts do you need to know before prearranging?
You are aware that planning for the future is vitally important; when is it the most sensible time to have your end of life plan in place?
You want to protect your heirs and beneficiaries’ from frustration and unnecessary financial loss; Do you:
You die away from home; now what?