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About Serenity Funeral Service

We are a Not-For-Profit, Full-Service Funeral Home

Today, there is no such thing as a general “funeral service”. People are choosing to plan ceremonies or tributes that are more reflective of the person and fit the lifestyle of the family. Created in 1999 by a group of like-minded individuals, Serenity was the first of its kind to not be corporately or independently owned. There is no one owner of Serenity but instead an elected Board of Directors that governs the company.

As for our wonderful team of staff, we encourage you to visit any one of our locations and meet us. Serenity’s staff of licensed Funeral directors and embalmers are professional, compassionate and ready to serve your family during this difficult time.

There is no cost or obligation, simply stop by and visit us at one of our locations across Alberta to inquire about all that Serenity has to offer.

Our mission statement

To provide high quality service and funeral merchandise to all facets of the public, to offer these at affordable prices and to adhere to the highest moral and ethical standards and to serve all faiths and cultures while following the highest Christian philosophies.

A community-owned, not-for-profit funeral home

Serenity Funeral Service is community owned – no one individual or entity profits from the operation of the funeral home. Our cooperative, The Serenity Family Service Society, is comprised of numerous churches of varying denominations who elect an executive board to determine the direction and monitor the operation of Serenity Funeral Service.

Serenity has and will always endeavour to meet the needs of the families we serve by maintaining the highest ethical standards while being sensitive to the changing needs of our communities. We strive to ensure that all families are treated with the utmost fairness, dignity and respect, and we are also committed to working within the financial means of all families.