Cremation Services

At Serenity Funeral Services, we value everyone and anyone, no matter their culture or beliefs. We want to be your advocate during this difficult time and ensure that your service is what you expect. We treat cremation as the same unique and personal experience as we would traditional burial. Your family will have the care and attention that you deserve.


Cremation is another method of final disposition and an alternative to casket burial or entombment. Similar to earth burial ceremonies, we provide various options for those choosing cremation. Individualized ceremonies that provide families and friends with a means of coming together to remember a life lived, sharing of memories while creating a hope for healing and renewal.

Perhaps the most common misunderstanding surrounding those choosing cremation is that there is no opportunity for families to actively memorialize the person who has died. Our cremation options today are no different that the options available for families selecting burial and entombment. We encourage the many benefits of providing an opportunity for viewing of the deceased prior to the ceremony. Our Funeral Directors guide families and individuals through the options available to honor your loved one’s life. Most people making cremation arrangements after the death of a loved one provide an opportunity for friends and family to say goodbye by hosting a ceremony; formal or informal. Ceremonies can be held either before or after the cremation process.

Our Funeral Directors educate and assist you with a variety of choices for your loved one’s final disposition following cremation. There are several options to consider for the final disposition of the cremated remains, such as:

  • Division of the cremated human remains with placement in individual urns for those separated by distance; having a portion of the cremated human remains in a cemetery nearby for each family member often provides comfort and peace of mind.
  • Inurnment of the cremated remains into a cemetery allow for future generations to memorialize on their terms according to individual needs, in one common cemetery location. Our Funeral Director’s are able to guide and advise you about the options available today in our local cemeteries.
  • Scattering is also an option that should be approached with extreme consideration and much discussion with the survivors. Scattering may take place in designated memorial grounds within a cemetery, over non-moving water, or in areas that comply with local laws and regulations. Choosing to scatter a portion of the cremated remains while retaining the remainder in an urn for placement in a cemetery provides the greatest certainty that will ensure future generations the opportunity to memorialize in a cemetery.

Shout out to Joelle and Natalie at Serenity Funeral Services. You ladies went above and beyond for us. Your compassion meant so much to us. You made a very difficult situation as pleasant as can be possible in this type of situation. We thank you and highly recommend your services.

Sherrice C